Zedone – High Efficiency By-Pass Oil Filters2020-09-28T01:26:09+00:00

High Efficiency By-Pass Oil Filters

A ZedOne oil filter installed on your vehicle, your fleet or machinery
significantly increase the financial efficiencies of your business

Will adding a ZedOne filter affect my vehicle warranty?2020-05-19T21:26:08+00:00

No, it will not.

So, what are the negatives?2020-05-19T21:26:21+00:00

There are none.  The ZedOne oil program is based upon filtration principles that have been around for more than 40 years. Our filters are made in the United Kingdom and were designed specifically to extend the life of engine oil and, in turn, extend the life expectancy of your engine(s).

How can this be?2020-05-19T21:26:48+00:00

Simply put, the ZedOne program means managing your oil better and ensuring that the oil remains uncontaminated, at all times.  It is part of a bigger philosophy of ‘condition-based maintenance’ that aims to ‘only perform necessary maintenance tasks’ at the right time. Most customers see more a 50%-75% reduction in oil costs.

How much will it cost, upfront?2020-05-19T21:27:09+00:00

For less than the cost of your engine oil change, with labour and a standard filter change, we can switch your vehicle engine over to our high efficiency ZedOne filter.

How does the ZedOne oil filter work?2020-05-19T21:27:32+00:00

A ZedOne High Efficiency oil filter outperforms standard filtration by removing impurities down to 3 microns.  A standard filter will generally only remove particles 20-30 microns or larger.   Even contaminants less than 10 microns cause significant wear in an engine. Without ZedOne, these contaminants continually circulate around your engine and gouge the metal on a microscopic level.  The same principal applies in your diesel.  Similar contaminants wear injector pumps, clog nozzles, and prevent the complete combustion of fuel.  Improving the cleanliness of your fuel and lubricants has a ripple effect of benefits to any engine, transmission, or hydraulic system. These benefits are also environmentally friendly as you will use less oil and run cleaner burning engines – so less waste oil and reduced pollutants in the air.

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