What we do

We install high efficiency (onboard) oil filter systems on trucks and heavy machinery to reduce the need to change engine oil and, at the same time, to extend engine life. We identify and recommend the best way to achieve this within a fleet and then arrange installation with the least amount of disruption.

There’s an old cliché – “a penny saved is a penny earned…” we believe it goes further than that. In today’s business world with net margins of 5% -10% of turnover (gross revenue to net profit) a ‘dollar saved’ on your bottom line is the equivalent to $10-$20 in gross revenue.

Put another way if a ZedOne filter saves you servicing costs of $100,000 then, simply put, that is equivalent to boosting your sales by ten to twenty times to $1m- $2m. Given the installation is at no extra cost we find the only decision is when does it suit your service department to install.

How we do it

We assess your vehicle(s) you may be an owner operator with one vehicle or you may have more than 50 vehicles or pieces of equipment. Very quickly we can analyse your needs and make some recommendations. What’s more we can tell you exactly what you can expect in the way of savings. This will make your decision easy.


We are so confident with ZedOne that we will install the system free. If for any reason you decide you no longer want it, we’ll remove it, free. With more than 1,000 systems already in use, in New Zealand, we offer this guarantee with absolute confidence.